Weddings & Funerals

A Groom waiting for his Bride
A Groom waiting for his Bride

At St. John’s we share many significant events in life. We gather in food and fellowship to celebrate and to mourn. We make promises to support one another’s children at baptism. We commit to ministries like Eucharistic Visitors, ensuring that no one from our family is ever without our sacramental life.

Weddings and Funerals are some of the most significant events to occur in our lives. They are also places where our life as Christians intersects significantly with societal expectations and norms. That blending can be a beautiful moment, as people from all parts of our lives join with us in moments of joy and pain.

We believe that weddings and funerals should occur in the context of a person’s community of faith. If someone doesn’t have a community of faith, we welcome them to join ours. At times, the Rector may make exceptions and allow use of our building to persons and groups outside of our community, but those exceptions are generally rare.

Click on the following links for more information on weddings and funerals at St. John’s. Each page also contains down-loadable packets of guidelines and forms for the liturgy.

Weddings at St. John’s
Funerals at St. John’s

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