2019 Acolyte Festival

Our Acolytes at St. John’s work very hard, going through specific training and preparation, in order to serve at the altar as torchbearers and crucifers. This year, the second weekend in October, we want to bless them by sending any who want to attend to the National Acolyte Festival at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

We will fly to Washington, DC, on Thursday evening. Friday will be focused on seeing some of the important sights in our nation’s capital. On Saturday they will join acolytes from across the United States for the Acolyte Festival itself. There will be a morning service of re-dedication and Holy Eucharist, including a festive procession of acolytes, clergy, and vergers. Workshops in the afternoon offer enrichment and instruction. Sunday morning we will worship at the Cathedral—or another parish in DC the acolytes may choose, and then we will return home Sunday evening.

We have six acolytes from five families who have expressed a desire to attend and they will be leading several fundraisers throughout the summer to raise funds to go. Each acolyte will be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Two vergers will also attend to serve as chaperones for activities the parents will not be participating in.

The total trip cost for flights, lodging, and registration for the entire group will be about $9,000 total ($1,800 per family or $800 per acolyte). Families that have resources to contribute to the trip cost are invited to make a contribution to the Youth Fund to offset costs for the entire group—but we want every acolyte family who wants to do this to be able to participate. We only anticipate doing this trip every 3-5 years—hoping that each acolyte will get a chance to attend once during their service to St. John’s. So, this truly is a special opportunity. 

The group will be leading fundraisers throughout the summer toward the total trip cost. If you would like to help by sponsoring a household ($1,800) or an acolyte ($800) to attend, or making a gift of any amount, you can do so at http://www.tinyurl.com/SJEYouth. You can also see information about upcoming fundraisers below!

Visit this page to keep up with the progress of their fundraising work!

Total Amount to Raise: $9,000

Total Raised Thus Far: $9,637



Upcoming Fundraisers!

We will have our first fundraiser next month on Saturday, June 8! From 10am–2pm, the acolytes will do a Pop Cans for Pilgrimage. We will draw up a map of all households in the parish. The kids will go from house to house collecting any pop cans. The Parish will be told in advance that the kids are coming and they can either set their pop cans in a bag outside the house or have them otherwise ready for the kids when they get there. 

Our second fundraiser for the 2019 Acolyte Festival will be on Thursday, July 11, and will be a Chopped Dinner Competition. For $25 per person, members of the parish will be invited to a special three-course meal prepared by the acolytes of the church. The acolytes will be divided into three teams and the week before the dinner each team will draw either Appetizer/Salad OR Entree OR Dessert. They will have that week to plan their course, knowing how many servings they will need to make. Each attendee will then vote and the course which wins the most vote will determine the winning team. Sign up at the Parish Information Table to let us know you’ll be coming!

Our final fundraiser of the summer for the 2019 Acolyte Festival will be on Sunday, August 25 as the acolytes host an End-of-Summer Parish Picnic. We will rent space (like we have before) and the youth group will provide all the picnic food (with families paying $10 per person no more than $25 per family) to attend, all proceeds going to the festival trip. There may be a dunk tank. Stay tuned for more details!