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Haga clic aquí para ver el mensaje de esta semana en español de nuestro misionero latino, Luis Valencia. 

From our Rector
The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, SCP
Dear *|FNAME|*

I'm so very much looking forward to this Sunday.

We have not been able to worship together in person since March. While many people have worked together to make the streaming services successful, it is not a true substitute for in-person embodied worship. It has been lovely to see some of you these past several weeks, as worship ministers have come together to stream from our building… but the whole service feels so strange without you there. Because you are what make this parish what it is.

So, this Sunday, you will have the opportunity to come together and worship in-person in either English at 8:30am or Spanish at 12:45pm. We'll gather on the lawn at the corner of Washington and Sixth Street, with a space for worship that has been prepared by the St. John's Outdoor Liturgy Team (JOLT!) We'll use the portable sound system to ensure everyone can hear. Households will sit at least six feet apart. Please bring your own chairs and wear your mask the entire time.

I'm also working on getting an FM transmitter to connect to that system so that any of our members who are most at risk can attend and stay in their cars, able to see everything in air-conditioned comfort, hear everything right on their car audio system, and even receive communion if they wish to roll down their window a smidge for me to hand them a wafer (my mask remains on throughout the distribution and I scrupulously sanitize before the distribution). If you think you might want one of the four parking spots we are going to reserve that will face the liturgy, please click here to let me know and I will inform you if I'm able to get the equipment in and ordered in time. 

Experts tell us that it is very likely this pandemic will get worse this fall, short of a significant change in the availability of treatments or vaccines. So, as one of our Vestry members pointed out when we were discussing this possibility, these next few weeks might be our short window when we actually can gather in-person, albeit outdoors. 

If you have any questions, please let me know. And if you'd like to be a part of the JOLT group that is setting up outside liturgies, please email me. My hope is to have enough members helping so that no one has to serve more than once a month. 

Through Grace,

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