E-Newsletter for Sunday, August 23, 2020

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From our Postulant to the Sacred Order of Deacons
Br. John Mark Kelley, OBL. OSB.
Dear *|FNAME|*
A year ago, with your affirmation and consent, I set my feet on the path of Diaconal Formation. It has been a blessing and has kept me very busy as I worked my way through year one at the Academy for Vocational Leadership.

In just three weeks, I return to the Academy for my second year of formation, and into study in great depth of the Bible and its history. In our Spirituality class, we will also be studying the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, through the book by Sister Joan Chittister, “The Rule of Benedict: A Spirituality for the 21st Century” which I look forward to greatly.

As part of my formation, I am required to leave St. John’s for a time, and serve in another parish from September until Pentecost. This is probably going be the hardest part of my formation journey (I hope). So, I will be stepping away from my ministry duties at St. John’s as of September 1st, and concentrating on my studies at the Academy and for my internship, serving the community at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Grand Rapids, MI. until Pentecost in 2021.

Also, just so you know, my wife Kelly will continue to worship and participate at St. John’s during my time away, just like she always has.

God bless you all. 

Br. John Mark Kelley, OBL. OSB.

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