E-Newsletter for Sunday, January 26, 2020

Family Night, Annual Meeting Sunday, Soup Sale and more in the E-Newsletter for January 26, 2020 – Available in full online here.

Haga clic aquí para ver el mensaje de esta semana en español de nuestro misionero latino, Luis Valencia. 

From the Rector
The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, SCP
Dear *|FNAME|*,

We're here! Welcome to Annual Meeting Sunday!

I know, for many parishes the Annual Meeting is either a tremendously boring and ponder experience (hence this cartoon written by Jay Sidebotham and published by the Church Pension Fund!—you can see a larger version of it online here) or it is a time when everyone gets together to argue and fight about the life of the congregation.

Thankfully, it has been many years since our Annual Meetings have been cantankerous. After a congregational "Healthy Congregations Workshop" and some extra deep training of myself and other lay leaders in how to handle disagreement and frustration, we have plenty of open spaces for people to share their views. That means they almost never bubble up unsurprisingly at the Annual Meeting.

I would also say that I don't think they are boring or ponderous at all. Almost every Annual Meeting has something of significance to decide—not only the review of the budget for the coming year and the election of new Vestry Members. 

This year's Annual Meeting is a great example. After election of new Vestry Members and review of the budget, our significant item of business will be to consider a proposed new Mission, Vision, and Plan for the Future of St. John's (see pages 27–28 of the Annual Meeting Packet online here). So many of you contributed your voice to this project and I'm excited for the entire Parish to review this final version, make any changes the Annual Meeting sees fit to make, and then to approve the final version as the new governing document and guide for the Vestry, our staff and lay ministry leaders, and me as your rector.

I hope you'll join us first at 10:00am for a Bilingual Eucharist, as we worship together with our Latinx members. (There will still be an 8:30am service in English but there will not be a 12:45pm service in Spanish). And then, I hope you'll join us as we gather in the Timberlake Hall at 11:30am for the Meeting itself. 

Our congregation is doing well. We are healthy, growing, and exploring anew where God is calling us to go from here. Your presence and your voice in the Annual Meeting is an essential part of that future.  

Through Grace,

PS ~ And if you are a family with kids, know you are most welcome to this month's Family Night, this Saturday, January 25. Just shoot me an email to let me know to expect you. 
    Family night is a monthly gathering, the last Saturday of every month—an evening devoted to fellowship and fun for families with children. This month will be a low-key gathering, in the Guild Room, to play Euchre (or other card games) while the kids play their own games as well or watch a movie. The hosts will be Bethany and myself. Snacks and fellowship start at 3:30pm and the games begin at 4:00pm. We eat dinner around 6:00pm (bring $5 to contribute toward pizza, no more than $20 per family). You're also invited to bring a drink to share (soda, tea, wine, or beer). If you cannot make this one, but want to be added to the email list for information on future gatherings, just click here.

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