Mission, Vision, 5 Yr Plan

Coast Guard Parade
Coast Guard Parade

Our Mission

We are a diverse Christian community, following Jesus’ teaching through liturgical worship, transformation in the mind of Christ, and the pursuit of reconciliation and justice in God’s creation. This is summarized by our motto: Worship God, Be Transformed in Christ, Change the World

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to be a fully diverse parish, living into our Welcoming Statement. We want all people to deeply experience God through worship, transformation, and reconciliation.

We value our Anglican traditions of WORSHIP, music, and fine arts and seek to see them continue to grow. We hope to deepen our Faith Formation and Pastoral Care ministries so that they TRANSFORM us even more powerfully as Christians, enabling us to learn more about our calling and equipping us to step out in Christian ministry in our daily lives. The bedrock of our parish’s Mission & Outreach is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. This ministry of RECONCILIATION will be enacted through programs that are fully funded by the budget and abundantly staffed by the members of our congregation.

If you are seeking a faith community where you can make a difference, we invite you to visit us at any of our worship services!

St. John’s Parish Five-Year Plan

Updated by the 150th Annual Parish Meeting, 2016

Worship God

  • For ALL members of our parish to find the way in which they are called to take their place in worship of the church—particularly through increased involvement in the Altar Guild, ministries of music and fine arts, and our Spanish-language service of Holy Eucharist.
  • For our parish building and grounds to be fully accessible as an acknowledgement that the image of the God we worship is present in all people, and for our worship space to be enable a transformative worship experience.
  • For our music program to be staffed by a ¾ time Director of Music & Fine Arts who will oversee existing ministries and will bring back our children’s choir, hand bells, and brass.

Be Transformed in Christ

  • For ALL members of our parish to find the way in which they are called to take their place in our faith formation and pastoral care—particularly through increased involvement in Children’s Faith Formation, the Youth Commission, and pastoral care to each other.
  • For the entire lower level to be updated so that it is welcoming to all children and demonstrates the high value we place on our younger parishioners.
  • For us to provide resources for our new faith formation ministries—SAVVY (Seniors Acting Very Very Young), Daughters of the King, Brotherhood of St. Andrew, and our 20’s/30’s Group—to flourish and offer points of connection and transformation for all people.

Change the World

  • For ALL members of our parish to find the way in which they are called to take their place in the mission and outreach ministries of our church—particularly through increased involvement in our Loving Spoonfuls Ministry.
  • For the Mission & Outreach Commission to be transformed into a connecting body for mission and outreach ministries, enabling them to grow, thrive, and work more effectively together.
  • For at least 10% of our budget to go to ministries of the parish or outside organizations that pursue reconciliation and justice in God’s creation.

Our Mission, Vision, and Five-Year Plan will be executed by all members of the parish, supported and equipped through clergy, staff, and governance ministries. All members commit to pray for our community and our parish leaders, to take our pledges seriously as a commitment to each other and God, and to practice healthy engagement when we disagree—talking directly to the one with whom we disagree and always seeking to understand more than to be understood. We are the hands and feet of Christ in the Tri-Cities, and we will be a church that is known by our love.