Parish Forms & Policies

Below are several of the forms and policies regularly used for different aspects of our parish life. If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Office.

  • Alcohol Policy & Request Form — This form must be filled out and approved by the Vestry in advance of any use of alcohol at a parish event.
  • Check Request Form — This form must accompany any request for reimbursement from the Parish.
  • Columbarium Forms & Application – This document contains the various applications, policies, and certificates related to inurnment in the Columbarium at the All Souls’ Chapel.
  • E-Giving Information and Agreement — The form to have your gift to the ministry of our church withdrawn either weekly or monthly from  your bank account. You can change your e-giving preferences by calling the Parish Office anytime during normal office hours.
  • Endowment Fund Information & Policies – This page includes a link to our official Endowment Fund policies, along with other information about  the endowments of our parish. It also includes information about our Legacy Society.
  • Funeral Guidelines & Policies – This page contains links to the various guidelines and policies surrounding funerals at St. John’s.
  • Immigration & Sanctuary Statement – This statement reflects the decision of a Special Meeting of our Parish in 2018 with regard to questions surrounding immigration and sanctuary.
  • Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs – This document is produced by the Churchwide Office of the Episcopal Church and, according to canon, governs the financial practices of the parish.
  • Memorial Garden Nameplate Order Form – This form is used to order a bronze nameplate to recognize someone who is buried in our Memorial Garden.
  • Online Payment Authorization — This form substitutes for a check whenever an online transaction is going to be processed instead of a paper check.
  • Political Engagement Policy & Request Form — This form enables the Vestry to respond in an orderly and fair way to any requests for official political action or engagement either by the parish or on parish property.
  • Room Use Application – This is the form both parishioners and those outside the parish use to reserve space in our building. It is also used by outside groups seeking a permanent rental of any portion of our space.
  • Safeguarding God’s Children & People – This diocesan page provides information, forms, and policies related to our church’s ministry and practices surrounding children.
  • Snow & Inclement Weather Policy – The page provides information about how decisions are made with respect to closing the parish in the event of snow or other inclement weather.
  • Wedding Guidelines & Policies – This page contains links to the various guidelines and policies surrounding funerals at St. John’s. You can also find information regarding (and the form for) renting our space when having a wedding done by your own minister.
  • Welcoming Statement – Our parish’s official statement of welcome and inclusion.