Stewardship at St. John’s

St. Francis in our Meditation Garden, one of the many generous gifts from our parishioners
St. Francis in our Meditation Garden, one of the many generous gifts from our parishioners

Stewardship Commission

Statement of Purpose: To maintain year-round stewardship education that seeks to help parishioners find new ways of generously offering their time, talent, and treasure as an act of spiritual worship. In particular, the Commission encourages the discipline of proportional giving, underscoring the belief that all we have comes from God.


  1. To help cultivate the pool of talent at our parish, putting our members’ talents to work for the furtherance of God’s kingdom.
  2. To encourage people to understand and move into the practice of proportional giving.
  3. To engage a professional consultant so that we may grow our parish understanding and practices surrounding Planned Giving, believing that the long-term health of the parish is significantly impacted by legacy giving.

Membership: This ministry is overseen by the Rector, working with the Stewardship Commission, comprised of members of the parish who have a particular passion for prayerful disciplines surrounding the use of time, talent, and treasure. The Commission meets as needed throughout the year and assists the Vestry in the oversight of the Annual Pledge Campaign.

Every Member Canvass
The high point of our parish’s life of stewardship comes each fall when the Stewardship Commission leads our Every Member Canvass (EMC). The EMC invites each household to make a pledge for their giving in the following year. The pledge is between that household and God. The book-keeper and parish administrator work together to track pledge giving, but no one else in the parish office, whether clergy or lay staff, knows how much a person pledges.

Haven’t yet pledged for this year or an upcoming year? Want to change your pledge? You can do either online here. You can also contact the Parish Office and request a pledge card be mailed to you.

Parishioners can even use our Giving Kiosk to make gifts when they don't have cash on them
Parishioners can even use our Giving Kiosk to make gifts when they don’t have cash on them

An increasing number of parishioners are choosing to pay their pledge through an automatic withdrawal using our E-Giving Program. Those enrolled in our E-Giving program also have the ability of making other gifts throughout the year through an electronic debit from their accounts. This is a much more cost-effective way of giving for the parish and enables those who use it to ensure their giving always comes from their first-fruits and is always up-to-date.

Building Fund & General Fund
At St. John’s, we work to practice good stewardship of our finances as well. For that reason we keep two distinct budgets and funds at our church. The General Fund covers the costs associated with the day-to-day ministry of our parish, including outreach & mission, faith formation, personnel, bills, office expenses, and other program expenses. The Building Fund exists solely for capital projects, defined as projects related to our building or grounds that are over $1,000 and have a useful life expectancy of ten years or more.

Stewardship Messages
The Stewardship Commission chair, assisted by the rest of the Commission, also offers regular stewardship messages in our monthly parish newsletter. These messages help each of us build a foundation by placing stewardship in the context of our every day practice of Christianity.

Stewardship Talks
In conjunction with our fall Every Member Canvass, parishioners come to the lectern at our Sunday morning worship and share their own experience of stewardship and life at St. John’s parish. Always moving (and often funny), these messages help put flesh on stewardship concepts articulated elsewhere in our parish life.

Planned Giving
Our parish has been blessed by many members over the years who have made substantial bequests through their estates for the future of our parish. Several opportunities for planned giving exist in our parish. In particular, gifts can be made to the Building Fund, covering significant capital improvements to our historic church, to the St. John’s Endowment, to the Idema Mission & Outreach Fund, and to the Hill Family Christian Education Fund. More information about planned giving, including how to make St. John’s a part of your will, is available by contacting the parish office.

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