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Pledges Needed to Sustain SJE Ministries: $332,120

Pledges Submitted for 2020 $305,854


In the Episcopal Church, it is a very common practice for the parish to practice a pledged approach to regular giving. That is, rather than taking a simple-free will offering, each fall members of the parish are invited to look ahead to the upcoming year and to determine ahead of time what they find themselves called to give.

To put it most simply, your pledge is your estimate of how much money your household will contribute to the ministry of our community in the year to come. Like any estimate, the church knows circumstances can change and that you may have to adjust your pledge later on in the year. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to pledge one amount but then wind up finding themselves blessed beyond their expectations and choosing to give beyond that pledge. No matter what, you can always change your pledge by contacting the Parish Office or filling out the online pledge form anew.

How much should I give?
Since the earliest of times, God’s people have been called to give a tithe (10%) of their first-fruits. That means before anything else comes out of what they have, they set aside 10% as a gift to God. There are several Christian traditions that regularly average 10% giving among their members. However, to those new to this idea, it can seem intimidating. The first and essential step is to move towards proportional giving. This means deciding what percentage of your income you will contribute to the work of God, whether 10%, 5%, or 2%. Then, work on raising that percentage each year until you reach the 10% level. You can click here to see a proportional giving chart and see where you are right now.

What does my giving go to?
In our Parish, people are invited to pledge both to the General Fund and the Building Fund. The General Fund covers the day-to-day expenses related to our parish mission and ministry, everything from keeping the utilities running, to covering staff, to providing bread and wine at Eucharist. The Building Fund is a special capital fund used to cover maintenance and improvement projects with a useful life expectancy of more than one year. The Building Fund is the vehicle through which we save for inevitable expenses like a new roof and also the vehicle that enables us to do regular small improvement projects to our historic property.

How can I keep up with my pledge?
Our parish office sends regular pledge statements at the end of each quarter, helping you keep up with your pledged giving. Many of our members also find E-Giving a helpful option. Through this process, you can have your pledge regularly deducted from your checking account. You can change your amount at any time by contacting the parish office. E-Giving helps flatten some of the up and downs of giving patterns and is a much more cost effective way of giving to support Christian ministry in the parish.

How can I turn in a pledge?
We’re glad you asked. If you’d like to, you can turn in your pledge via the secure form online here.

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