Are you new to St. John’s? If so, the ministry of the Hospitality Commission wants to find out more about you. Click here to help us do just that! The Coffee Hour Schedule for the Hospitality Workers is online hereThe guidelines for hosting coffee hour are online here.

Once a quarter we host a Newcomers' & Visitors' Brunch
Once a quarter we host a Newcomers’ & Visitors’ Brunch

The Hospitality Commission

Statement of Purpose: To organize the hospitality ministries of the parish, providing resources and leadership for special events, receptions, and other times of fellowship among parishioners. To oversee the welcome and incorporation of visitors and newcomers to the parish, providing opportunities to get to know other members and to find one’s place in the parish life.


  1. For the parish budget to support these ministries fully, rather than relying on volunteer donations.
  2. Continue to develop the parish campus so that it has a more welcoming atmosphere.
  3. To help parishioners learn new ways of being welcoming to any person who comes through our doors.

Membership: This ministry is overseen by the Rector with the assistance of the Hospitality Commission, comprised of members who have a particular passion for welcome and fellowship. The Commission oversees the work of two ministries: Hospitality Workers who provide treats and coffee in an inviting atmosphere to encourage fellowship after worship and at other special events; and, the SJE Guides who assist newcomers during worship.

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