SJE Crisis Meals

10506736_10100259273336497_7284514133204246617_oSJE Crisis Meals is a ministry that provides meals to parishioners who are going through a crisis or difficult time in their own lives.

If you are in a time of crisis, send an e-mail to the Parish Office to request the care of our SJE Crisis Meals ministry team. Our ministry coordinator will contact you to find out what is going on, how many are in your family, how long you would anticipate needing the assistance, and any dietary restrictions your household has.

If you want to be added to the e-mail group of those who assist with SJE Crisis meals, click here to request to be added. When someone requests the ministry of SJE Crisis meals, the ministry coordinator e-mails the group with a proposed schedule and any dietary restrictions, inviting members to sign-up to provide a meal on a day that is convenient for them.

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