SAVVY (50+)

The David Schock Jazz Trio playing a recent garden party
The David Schock Jazz Trio playing a recent garden party

SAVVY stands for Seniors Acting Very Very Young and is a ministry geared to anyone who is fifty or older. Contact the Parish Office to be added to the SAVVY ministry e-mail list and find out about upcoming SAVVY events!

Statement of Purpose: Provides fellowship, pastoral care, and faith formation for senior parishioners through dinners, field trips, lunch dates, and informative guests.

1. To create a sense of belonging together.
2. To organize our older members for service in the parish and in the community.
3. To offer opportunities for learning and faith formation that are specific to this stage of life.

Membership: This ministry is overseen by the Rector and the SAVVY Commission, comprised of members who are fifty or older and have a passion for building community among older parishioners.

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  • November 14, 2015 at 10:58 am

    Thanks for the post. We are in discussion with the Children’s Liturgy team about miakng materials available via the website both for the Children’s Liturgy organisers so that they can prepare in advance and for those parents who might want to use the materials at home. When we get up and running we will post an announcement on the main blog area of the website.


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