Mission & Outreach

Statement of Purpose: This Commission exists to carry out the commandment to “Love your neighbor.” To further this, the Commission has three specific tasks: recommendations to the Vestry with regard to the provision of resources that meet human need on a local, national, and worldwide scale, to facilitate connections between all the mission and outreach projects of the parish through quarterly Mission Gatherings, monthly Parish Page articles, and regular reports to the Vestry; and, to provide an incubator for ministries of reconciliation and justice, so that those that need to may grow to become stand-alone ministries of the parish, overseen by the Rector and Vestry.


  1. To expand from simply making donations to facilitating connections and ensuring effective ministry both locally and in the larger world, including getting more people involved in our parish ministries of reconciliation and justice.
  2. For at least 10% of our budget to go to ministries of the parish or outside organizations that pursue reconciliation and justice in God’s creation. (Note, we are currently at 3.5%.)

Membership: The programmatic aspects of this ministry are overseen by the Rector while the fiduciary aspects are overseen by the Vestry. The Rector and Vestry are assisted by the Mission & Outreach Commission, comprised of members of the parish who have a passion for justice and meeting human needs in our community, nation, and world. In particular, the Commission ensures that ideas that come up in the Mission Gathering, and that are embraced by the whole, are implemented well, facilitating the involvement of those who come up with ideas and other gifted parishioners. Any ministries that grow particularly significant in scope (such as the Loving Spoonfuls’ Meal Ministry or the Food Pantry), shall be broken off into their own ministry, making regular reports to the Vestry.

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