E-Newsletter for Sunday, October 18, 2020

2021 Pledges, update from our Postulant, Dia de los Muertos at home and more in the E-Newsletter for Sunday, October 18, 2020 – Available in full online here.

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From the Rector
The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, SCP
Dear *|FNAME|*

The Finance Commission and Vestry are entering the final stages of budget preparations, a task we always try to complete before Thanksgiving so that our focus at that point can be on gratitude and the holy season of Advent.

While your generosity during this pandemic has been tremendous, with us still projecting a budget surplus for the first time in many years, there has been a bit more hesitance when it comes to pledging for 2021.

Those who have pledged thus far have responded generously, with an average right now of $62 per week ($3,249 annually). The current projection for 2021 is $332K to the General Fund, a little more than a 3% increase over last year. However, that projection includes those who pledged last year coming back at the same level, and as of right now 36% of those who pledged in 2020 have not turned in a pledge for 2021. As you can imagine, that would be a significant gap to overcome as we plan for the year to come.

The Vestry and I know that so much is up in the air and it is hard to plan, but please know that pledges can always be changed if you find your own circumstances more challenged next year. A pledge is always your best estimate right now of what you believe you will give in the coming year. It is not a contract, it is your estimate of your own giving to the work of God through your local community, an estimate that helps the Vestry determine what ministries we can offer, what staffing levels we can maintain, basically what our church will look like in the year to come. 

The amount of pledges needed to continue the funding of our existing ministries in 2021 is $347K. Even if those 36% of households that pledged last year return at the same amount, we will still be $15K short of what the Vestry has determined is needed for our ministry to continue next year. If we don't get there, I want to be honest with you. For the first time since the Coronavirus Pandemic began, the Vestry may be faced with the need to furlough ministry staff in 2021.

I hope we won't get to that point, but your support in these final days and weeks is absolutely essential.
You can turn in a new pledge (or change an existing pledge) at any time through this secure online form.

Your continued support of St. John's means so much to all the Vestry, Staff, and lay Ministry Leaders of our parish, not to mention the members and supporters of our parish, and those who are touched by our ministry. If you have not yet submitted a pledge, I hope you will do so today. 


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