Parish Staff & Clergy


The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, SCP
Rector, ext 22

Having grown up right here in Grand Haven, MI, Father Cramer was raised in the Churches of Christ, and worked in several ministry positions in that tradition before moving into the Episcopal Church while completing his Master of Divinity at the Graduate School of Theology of Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX. He then received his Anglican training through the completion of a Master of Sacred Theology at the School of Theology of the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree, also from Sewanee's School of Theology, with a focus upon Anglican liturgy, theology, and history and its intersection with the life of a congregation. He is currently pursuing a third master’s degree, an Executive Master of Nonprofit Administration at the Mendoza College of Business in the University of Notre Dame. He served his first cure as a priest in the Lilly-endowed Foundations for Spiritual Leadership Program at Christ Church in Alexandria, VA. After two years there, our parish, with the Bishop's consent, called him to come to St. John's to serve as our Rector

Father Cramer is active in the Episcopal Church at many levels. He represents the Central Region of the Diocese of Western Michigan on Diocesan Council, also serving as Secretary of Council. He is an Alternate Deputy to the next General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Previously he has served as Dean of the Lakeshore Deanery, Convener of the Deans of the Diocese, and Chair of the Commission on Ministry. He is a member of the Society of Catholic Priests in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, where he serves as Convener of the Great Lakes Chapter of the Society, comprising all the dioceses in Michigan along with Northern Indiana and the Diocese of Huron in the Anglican Church of Canada. He is the author of three books, Safeguarded by Glory: Michael Ramsey's Ecclesiology and the Struggles of Contemporary Anglicanism, Scribere Orare Erat: To Write Was to Pray, and Percy Dearmer Revisited: Discerning Authentically Anglican Liturgy in a Multicultural, Ecumenical, Twenty-First-Century Context, all three available on

He resides in Grand Haven with his wife, Bethany, their daughter, Lucy, and their dog, a standard poodle name Maisie. Bethany is a local therapist, running her own private practice, Daybreak Mental Wellness. Lucy's primary interests right now are Veggie Tales and the Frozen franchise. Maisie focuses on trying very hard to be best friends with the dogs next door. Once she is a bit older, Maisie will be trained as a therapy dog to work with Bethany. Until then, she enjoys being a church dog at the parish office.

Father Cramer's reflections can be found on his personal blog, Care with the Cure of Souls.

The Rev. Daniel P. Snyder, Ph.D.
Priest Associate

Father Daniel Snyder grew up in a family rooted in a dynamic faith. It was a great gift. Faith held us in warmth, comfort, and safety; but nonetheless had the strength of steel in supporting us at difficult times. He grew up loving his faith and being loved in that faith. That grounding led him priesthood in the Roman church. He was active in public ministry for ten years. He loved ministry. However, over time the Roman church’s position on women in the church and gay people led me to the point of an inherently conflicted position: he did not believe them and could not publicly teach the party line. Despite a critical priest shortage, there was a refusal to ordain women or married men. I faced a conflicted and exhausting future. I made the decision to leave public ministry and do my doctorate in psychology.

He practiced as a psychologist and addictions counselor and became a mental health administrator. He taught psychology at the graduate level. However, he was always still a priest in my heart. He loved preaching and sharing the Word, he loved and missed presiding at sacraments. His searching for “more than church on Sunday” led me to the Ecumenical Order of Charity, in which he has professed Life Vows and serve as the Director of the Foundation Program.

As Father Snyder says, "Finding St. John’s was one of the greatest blessings of my life! I felt at home immediately." He was formally received into the Episcopal church at Easter 2016. In talking theology with Father Cramer, he discovered he had long been an Episcopalian at heart. Their discussions led him to formally discern using his priesthood within the Episcopal Church. That process took about 1.5 years. His orders were received into the Episcopal Church at St. John’s on September 22, 2019 by Bishop Whayne Hougland. He is a Priest Associate at St. John’s but does supply work at other parishes when the need arises.

Lay Staff

Cindi Sanders
Parish Administrator & Executive Assistant to the Rector, ext 21

Cindi has been a member of St. John's since 1989. In the spring of 1996 she became the Parish Secretary. Before that she served as Church School Director and Youth Group Co-Leader. In 2010 her position transitioned into Parish Administrator and Executive Assistant to the Rector.

She lives in Grand Haven with her husband, Dave. She is also active in P.E.O. (Women's Philanthropic Educational Organization), currently serving as the President of the local chapter.
Nicholas Palmer
Director of Music, ext 27

Nick comes to us from Grand Rapids, where he has served for the past eight years as Director of Music for the Cathedral of St. Andrew in the Roman Catholic Church. He has nearly thirty years experience as a church musician and has also served as an adjunct professor in the Music Department at Aquinas College. In addition to his work as a church musician, he has significant skills as a composer. He had a composition in the 2017 Art Prize in Grand Rapids (you can experience a video of it online here). Several of his liturgical compositions have been published and he has also composed for the entertainment industry. You can find more about his other professional work on his website here. He is married to Jarek and the two live in the Grand Rapids area.
John G. Bryson
Organist Emeritus, ext 27

John is a renowned organist who has served several congregations througout Western Michigan. He served for six years as our Interim Director of Music and Fine Arts. Now retired, he has been named Organist Emeritus and he assists our Director of Music as needed throughout the year. He and his wife Claire live in Spring Lake.
Reyna Orellana Masko
Coordinator of Children & Youth Ministry, ext 28

Reyna was born in San Salvador, El Salvador and her family migrated to Houston, Texas in 1983 after a full-fledge civil war broke out that lasted for more than 12 years. The UN reports that more than 75,000 people were killed during the war. She lived in Houston with her family and in 1996 she married Paul Masko native of Grand Haven and moved to Grand Haven in July of 1998 to raise a family. Reyna started working for the Circuit Court Family Division in 1999 and graduated from Ferris State University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and was then promoted to Friend of the Court Investigator.

Reyna's experiences include working as a volunteer interpreter for the Legal Self Help Center at the Ottawa County Courthouse, she currently chairs the Ottawa County Cultural Committee, is a board member of the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (LEDA) , is a member of LEDA North Initiative, member of Allies Working for Social Justice and Environmental Progress, the Latina Network of West Michigan, member of Professionals Lakeshore Latinas and volunteers at any event which advances diversity and inclusion in the community. She lives in Grand Haven with her husband, Paul who is a special education teacher, her daughter who is a freshman and plays softball for Kellogg Community and her son Mik who is currently in middle school.
Sarah Witte
Bookkeeper, ext 23

Sarah came to St. John's in 2017 and since then has been serving as our bookkeeper, also tracking our membership and newcomers information. She came to us with a background in church finances and is an invaluable part of our parish office team.
Dave Swanson