St. John’s Snow Policy

dsc_0258It is important to everyone at St. John’s that you exercise care and caution when our area is experiencing inclement weather. We make every effort possible to ensure a clean parking lot and cleared walks, but during a snow-storm we cannot keep the walks and lots perpetually clear. If you are worried about the weather, please stay home so you can stay safe! This includes lay ministers serving at worship services—. The priest can always find a sub for you if the weather is too bad for you to make it in.

Worship Services
Our parish will never cancel a scheduled service of Holy Eucharist, so long as a priest can find some way of getting to the church. Even if it is just the priest and one other person saying Holy Eucharist, the worship of the church will continue. Lay ministers and worshipers are encouraged to use their best judgment to determine if it is safe for them to come in.

The only exception to this worship policy is our regular services of Morning and Evening Prayer at 8:30am and 5:15pm respectively during the week, from Monday through Thursday. Those services are cancelled if the Parish Office is closed.

Parish Office
The Parish Office follows the closing decisions of the Grand Haven Area Public Schools (outlined here). Information on when GHAPS is closed can be found on the district website, GHTV (Channel 187), school closing line (616-850-5100), WGHN (92.1) or WAWL (103.5), and many other major television stations. When the Parish Office is closed, any meetings or activities scheduled for that day are also canceled/postponed, unless the person leading the meeting has contacted everyone saying otherwise. Safety is our number one concern.

In the case of pastoral emergencies, Father Cramer may always be reached by calling the church office (616.842.6260) and following the instructions for a pastoral emergency.

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